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7th week of pregnancy


The seven-week-old baby will no longer be referred to as an embryo in obstetric language, but as a fetus. It has already reached a height of 5-13 mm and looks like a tiny human being.

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The seventh week of the baby: features of intrauterine development

This period is crucial for the formation of many organs and body systems. Only the nervous and endocrine systems continue to develop further. The brain passes the stage of formation of two hemispheres. The structure of the heart changes, which acquires its chambers and departments. The sexes are emerging.

The baby’s body also undergoes a number of changes:

  • the neck appears;
  • the arms and legs are enlarged;
  • you can already see the fingers, which are still connected by a webbing;
  • continue to form, but already quite visible eyes, which are covered with eyelids;
  • the outline of the mouth appears;
  • the jaws are beginning to form.

7-8 weeks of pregnancy – an important period for the development of the placenta, the formation of its vessels. It is still a rather fragile structure, which is why now the future mom should be especially careful to monitor her health. After all, the comfort and safety of your baby’s development depends on the condition of the placenta.

The seventh week of pregnancy in a mom's life

During this period, your situation may remain a secret for others, but not for yourself. Every day changes in the hormonal background in the body change the appearance of the future mom. The figure may become more feminine and round, the size of the breasts will increase, pigment spots may appear on the face, which may become the first messengers of your position for others.

Another notable feature of this period is the so-called “runny nose of pregnancy” – a feeling of nasal congestion for no apparent reason. In any case, if you are worried or concerned about something, you can always ask a specialist for details of your condition.

Changed gastronomic tastes and wishes can puzzle and surprise not only you, but also the future father, who will have to try hard to realize them. It is a well-known fact that pregnant women want salty things, but they may also crave sweets. The main thing, everything in moderation. After all, excess weight and edema create only discomfort and unnecessary problems with health and well-being, both for you and your baby.

Physiological and psychological changes in the female body

During this period you may become overly sentimental, tearful, vulnerable, you constantly want to sleep and feel a slight fatigue. This can make your relatives and friends suspect that you are in a small period of pregnancy. But this does not happen in everyone. Some women, on the contrary, have a burst of energy and a desire to realize their creative potential. Some do not notice any changes in their body and life style, but this is also the norm.

Unfortunately, unless you are one of the lucky few, your expectation of motherhood can be marred by toxemia, which includes lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is important to realize that these are temporary phenomena; if your well-being is seriously affected, you should seek professional help.

Unpleasant manifestations of pregnancy may include:

  • Minor lower back pain;
  • discomfort in the abdomen;
  • the appearance of unusual vaginal discharge.

If the discharge is odorless and transparent, there is nothing to worry about. If their amount increases and they acquire white, green or pink color, and at the same time you have unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor and make sure that your health, and therefore the health of the baby, nothing threatening.

In the seventh week, ultrasound is not performed without a doctor’s recommendation. Ultrasound should be resorted to only if there is a need to make sure that all vital signs of fetal development correspond to the norms and the term. And for everything to go their way, the mom needs to take care of themselves from stress, fatigue and negative emotions. Try to take more walks and get only positive impressions!

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