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29th week of pregnancy


As of this week, the third trimester of pregnancy has begun, with three more months to go, which is 12 obstetric weeks.

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What is happening to the baby at 29 weeks?

The baby is actively preparing to meet the outside world.

  • During this time, the fetus’s bone marrow, which produces blood cells, has begun to work steadily. The sexual system is completing its formation, the endocrine system is actively developing.
  • Even more actively the baby distinguishes light and sounds, reacts to them, notifying the future mother with his thrusts. He also makes sucking and swallowing movements, perfecting these reflexes. And the digestive system of the baby is preparing to digest breast milk in the future.
  • By this point, the urinary system is working steadily, the kidneys of the baby every day withdraw up to 0.5 liters of urine. These are passed into the amniotic fluid, which is renewed every three hours.
  • By week 29, the baby weighs over 1200 grams, and his growth increases to 38 centimeters. Such sizes already prevent the crumb from actively moving in the womb, as it was before.
  • The baby’s body is rounded, gaining subcutaneous fat.
  • A striking phenomenon at this term of pregnancy is the formation of the immune system of the baby, although he still takes the main antibodies from the mother. For independent breathing, the fetus is still accumulating surfactant.

What is going on with mom at 29 weeks pregnant?

By this period, a woman can gain weight over 8-9 kilograms. Every next week is considered normal weight gain up to 300-400 grams, and for those carrying twins – 500-600 grams.

If a woman has not yet felt training contractions before this term, it can probably happen at 29 weeks of pregnancy. These contractions prepare the woman’s body for the upcoming birth. As a rule, they are short-lived and painless. But if you doubt your sensations, it is better to see a doctor to avoid problems due to increased uterine tone.

  • The enlarged uterus, which is now about a palm above the navel, can still cause heartburn, constipation, difficulty breathing, and changes in gait.
  • The mammary glands are actively preparing for the upcoming lactation. This is accompanied by swelling of the breasts.
  • The mother’s body is experiencing tremendous stress, so the woman may feel some pain in the subcostal region and lower abdomen, in the legs, head, neck or lower back. The cause of pain at this term is a shift in the center of gravity, pressure fluctuations. Listening to her sensations, the future mother should understand that it is worth visiting a doctor if the pain increases.

Watch the nature of the discharge from the vagina, because changes in the discharge may indicate problems that you should discuss with your doctor. Normal is considered light, not abundant discharge. Very dangerous bloody and watery discharge, in case of their detection, immediately consult a doctor. It may signal premature labor.

Recommendations for expectant mothers

Watch your weight, you do not need to “eat for two”. The weight gain for each subsequent week should not exceed 400 grams.

  • Communicate with your baby by talking, singing songs, reading stories, listening to soothing music. In this way you establish psychological contact with your future child.
  • Avoid places with large crowds of people, especially during epidemics of acute respiratory viral infections.
  • Your menu should contain a full range of vitamins and trace elements, in the range of vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals, milk and dairy products. For the full development of the child needs protein, which is contained in beef, turkey, liver, cheese. Iodine, phosphorus and fatty acids are found in sea fish. To preserve as many of these nutrients as possible, steam, stew or bake food in the oven.

Don’t forget about walking in the fresh air and physical activity. They keep your body toned, strengthen your cardiovascular system, prepare you for childbirth, relieve stress and get positive emotions.

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