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39th week of pregnancy


In the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy, the systems and organs of the future child are almost fully formed. The fetus is quite well-fed thanks to a very pronounced layer of fat. The skin of the future child becomes pink. Lungs look like they are ready from day to day to spread, to begin to breathe: breathe air with the first breath immediately after birth. The digestive tube of the future baby can begin to actively push its contents, and the internal glands of the almost ready-to-be-born fetus begin to produce the enzymes necessary for future digestion.

What happens during the thirty-ninth week with a woman

The fetus, almost ready to be born during this period of time, occupies almost all the space inside the uterus. The muscles in the arms and legs are constantly in motion, they are practicing. Kicks and movements are very intense, even painful, they are not as active as before, but still they bother the future mom.

You should not expect the kicking and moving to stop, as it is likely that the baby-to-be will only settle down by labor, as there may be little or no room in the uterus for movement.

It is in the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy can occur so-called demonstration of the temperament of the future child. But noticeable changes in the intensity and strength of tremors and movements, both in the direction of their increase and decrease, may occur due to changes in oxygen supply, in connection with which a pregnant woman who has noticed such changes should consult a specialist for examination.

It is very important for a pregnant woman to watch her diet during this period of time. There is much less amniotic fluid, but it changes much more frequently, several times a day. The baby is still nourished through the placenta.

By this period, the unborn child has almost completely formed all the organs and body systems. Its skin is pink in color, and there is a well-defined subcutaneous fat layer under it.

The growth of the fetus ready for birth reaches about fifty centimeters, and the weight of more than three kilograms.

The nervous system of the future child is already functioning, as in the period of thirty-ninth week reaches its maximum development. Kidneys in this period are already filtering fluid independently and are already able to remove metabolic products from the body of the future child.

The fetus in this period is already able to distinguish the taste, it actively begins to respond to light and pain.

After delivery, the development of the vital organs and systems of the future child’s body will continue and they will adapt to work under new conditions and in a new environment.

The precursors of labor during this period for first-born and second-born become approximately the same, but the second-born woman is better and faster able to recognize the signs of the precursors of labor, faster to adapt.

In addition to the lowering of the abdomen and the withdrawal of the mucus plug, there may be training contractions, but there may not be any at all. The head of the fetus descends so much that it is inserted into the pelvic opening of the expectant mother. Fetal movement becomes stronger or on the contrary weakens. One or two days before delivery, the pregnant woman may have loose stools.

A woman should realize that during this period there is not much time left before her baby is born.

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