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12th week of pregnancy


The obstetric 12th week of pregnancy, which is counted from the first day of the last menstruation, equates to 10 weeks from the moment of conception. During this period, all the baby’s systems are almost formed, nature is working on the details. This is the moment when the first trimester comes to an end. Any abnormalities in the development of the fetus are less likely. The baby is no longer so susceptible to external factors, the risk of early termination of pregnancy is over.

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What's happening to the fetus?

Important: At week 12, a woman will undergo a series of tests that are designed to detect genetic diseases. These tests are highly informative and safe.

At week 12, the baby weighs an average of 15 grams and is about 6 centimeters long. His body is still disproportionate, with a large head and long limbs, but his little fingers are covered with fingernails and his eyes are not so widely spaced. The tiny man is renewing his top layer of epidermis.

Interesting! The baby has facial expressions: he can close his eyes, wrinkle his nose, open his mouth.

There are other changes in the whole body:

  • The pituitary, thyroid, and thymus glands produce hormones and cells for the immune system to work.
  • The liver produces bile, and the kidneys excrete urine into the amniotic fluid.
  • The inside of the ear is forming, but the ear lobe itself is not yet, although the lobe may already be visible.
  • The intestine has moved to its proper place and is actively contracting
  • The heart is a complete organ: 4 chambers, 2 atria and a ventricle each. The frequency of contraction reaches up to 160 beats per minute.
  • Muscles begin to master movements.
  • The neck is formed, the larynx – the baby tries swallowing movements.
  • The skeleton is also formed, but is still more represented by cartilaginous tissue.
  • The activity of the fetus is high – he moves his legs and arms, makes grasping movements.
  • There is also the final stage of formation of the respiratory system. The child’s chest rises up and falls down, which is similar to the respiratory cycle.

In the 12th week, a routine ultrasound is done, where you can consider the sex of the baby, but not always – the genitalia are not yet finally formed. Diagnosis allows you to rule out fetal malformations, determine its size, find out the tone and parameters of the uterus of the future mother.

What's going on in the mom's body?

The function of progesterone production, which used to be performed by the corpus luteum, is now transferred to the placenta. The uterus increases in size, but no longer presses on the bladder, so urination is less frequent than before. But the intestines feel the pressure, hence constipation and flatulence.

It’s time to change the usual clothes for more loose and comfortable. Some moms in the 12th week of pregnancy may seem that they already feel the movement of their baby, but so far it is an illusion. The obvious pushes of tiny legs are still ahead.

For reference! Choosing comfortable clothes, it is important to consider that it should be functional, sewn from natural hypoallergenic fabrics. Bra on wide straps well, but gently supports the breasts.

Rapid heartbeat, which is often observed in women, is associated with an increase in blood volume due to the fact that the fetus takes most of the oxygen and nutrients for its development. It can also increase blood pressure and anemia. During this period, hormonal changes sometimes lead to the formation of pigment spots on the body and face. But they will soon go away. Some women may begin to have problems with the condition of hair and nails, while others, on the contrary, note improvements.

The increase in body weight should not exceed 3.5 kg, that is, no more than 400 g per week. But it all depends on whether the future mother had excess weight before pregnancy. Mood and psychological state somewhat stabilizes, but the woman can still note mood swings during the day. In addition, expectant mothers feel tired and overly sensitive.

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