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26th week of pregnancy


The baby continues to grow. Its mass increases. At this stage, the baby’s genitals are finally formed.

The baby continues to grow. Its mass increases. At this stage, the baby’s genitals are finally formed.

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Even at this time, your baby can already recognize sounds, especially low voices, so it is good for daddy to talk to the baby. This is a great activity that will bring benefit and pleasure to all members of the family: the baby, dad and mom. In addition, the baby is already well developed and other sensory organs, the central nervous system is almost fully formed.

At this time, the baby can already occasionally raise and lower his eyelids. During the same periods he is awake, but more often he sleeps. Observe, perhaps you will realize whether your baby is a “lark” or an “owl”. Experts recommend that during this period, start to include music or other pleasant sounds to your baby. This has a calming and soothing effect on the baby.

How is the fetus developing at 26 weeks?

  • At this stage, the formation of the brain and respiratory system is complete. You can already see the baby’s facial features on the ultrasound scan. Although the baby can already distinguish sounds, but ahead of him still awaits the formation of auditory receptors and the inner ear.
  • In the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby’s memory is developing. He can already remember the mother’s voice and distinguish it from other voices.
  • As we said at the beginning, the baby is rapidly growing and gaining weight. By this term, his weight is more than 800 grams, and the length of the body – up to 23 cm.
  • Already at this term, the rudiments of teeth are laid in the baby’s mouth. The baby is growing and more and more boldly begins to push, react to the position of the mother’s body and the taste of amniotic waters.
  • If the fetus is male, by this time the testicles have already descended into the scrotum. And in girls, the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes are already formed.
  • The baby’s body produces hormones, thanks to the adrenal glands, which began to work at 26 weeks of pregnancy.

The baby sleeps from 18 to 21 hours, and is awake the rest of the time. The baby’s tremors become more palpable. By putting your hand on the mother’s abdomen, you can feel what the baby is signaling. After all, he is also experiencing both positive and negative emotions.

Observe the baby’s movements every day. If the baby’s movements are too strong or too weak, you may need to have the fetus examined.

What happens to mom at 26 weeks of pregnancy?

Heartburn can also occur in pregnancy, which will manifest itself starting from the 26th week. This is due to small disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. If you find it difficult to tolerate unpleasant sensations, see your doctor, he will prescribe you corrective treatment.

Many women by this period have a dark stripe on the skin from the navel down to the pubic area. After childbirth it will definitely disappear, but, in the meantime, it will become more and more pronounced from day to day. The cause of pigmentation of pregnant women is the hormonal restructuring of the body. Chloasma, as scientifically called pigmentation of pregnant women, can also be due to a lack of vitamins B, C and folic acid, as well as copper, zinc and iron.

This week, the mom-to-be can feel small contractions in the uterus area. These are so-called training contractions. These contractions are not dangerous, they prepare the body for future labor. But if the contractions are painful, see a doctor immediately.

Still observe your secretions. During this period, they may become more abundant due to the fact that the mucous plug – a barrier to infections, becomes very dense. If the discharge does not cause you discomfort, there is nothing to worry about. But if you notice yellow, green, brown clots, you should immediately consult a doctor. Normal are considered to be discharge of a whitish color and without a sharp odor.

How should a mom-to-be eat?

Both baby and mother still need vitamins and healthy foods. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare food in such a way that it retains as many useful components as possible, such as steaming or baking in the oven.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink compotes and juices.

Avoid stressful situations, do not overwork. During this period, physical exertion is undesirable. Have more rest, spend time in the fresh air and enjoy your position. After all, the moral attitude is no less important than physical readiness.

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