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6th week of pregnancy


At this stage, the size of the fetal egg has increased to 25 mm and the baby has already grown to 6 mm. Its main organs and systems continue to develop, including the lungs, bone marrow and spleen. Significant changes occur with the digestive tract – the esophagus and stomach appear. Also become visible external manifestations of the genitals, just a little more – and it will be possible to know the sex of the baby. But the most important process of this period is the active formation of the central nervous system, which allows the 6-7-week-old baby to already respond to external influences.

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It is also now that a significant event in the development of a small organism happens – its tiny heart begins to beat, beating the beat of life at a rate of 140-150 beats per minute, and starting important processes of blood circulation in a tiny human being.

In the sixth week of pregnancy, the baby’s ears, nose, eyes, and the rudiments of arms and legs begin to form.

So what's going on with mom?

In the sixth week of pregnancy, most women are already aware of their pregnancy. The absence of menstruation, as well as hormonal changes in the female body give this confidence more and more new evidence, which will be clearly demonstrated by a positive pregnancy test and witnessed during a visit to the gynecologist and ultrasound office or a blood test for chorionic gonadotropin.

Need to know!

If menstruation does not come, and the pregnancy test shows only one strip, then you need to immediately contact a specialist. This state of affairs can indicate both problems in the body and, unfortunately, a problem pregnancy.

The 6th week of pregnancy is characterized by inconsistent emotional state, when periods of high spirits are replaced by periods of apathy and fatigue. Some women become passive and tired, others – on the contrary, more active and active.

Gastronomic preferences will also change. Someone begins toxicosis, accompanied by headaches, nausea, increased salivation. But in the interests of the future baby should be very carefully monitor their diet and look for opportunities to eat fully. If you do not experience these problems, you need to calculate your diet taking into account the full nutrition required by the baby, but remember that excess weight will bring discomfort not only to you, but also to the baby, creating obstacles to its full development. In addition, the new mom-to-be may face a constant desire to try something “this” and she may become hypersensitive to all kinds of smells and aromas.

A woman’s body is also transformed. Breasts swell and clearly change in size, while it may appear painful sensations, possibly darkening of the nipples. In the lower abdomen may be felt pulling and aching pains, if it is situational – do not worry, if not, it is worth seeing a doctor.

Together with the baby, the uterus itself increases in size, which is especially noticeable for your bladder. This is why you need to urinate more often than before.

But with the intestines on the contrary – constipation may appear, which is caused by changes in the hormonal background of pregnancy. Also in the intestines there can be increased gas formation, which increases its volume and the size of the waist, which can be mistaken for changes in the size of the abdomen due to the enlargement of the uterus.

At the same time, a third of women may experience no discomfort or any new sensations at all. Is this normal? Of course it is!

About the ultrasound

If you perform an ultrasound examination of the fetus in the sixth week of pregnancy, you will be able to find out its size, how it is developing, where it is located in the uterus and what its tone is. In addition, ultrasound will give the opportunity to trace the work of the baby’s heart. If you have experienced some pain or malaise, then this study will determine whether there are any threats to the normal course of pregnancy. It is not a good idea to abuse ultrasound. The use of ultrasound is considered safe for the fetus, but resort to this study too often out of sheer curiosity is not necessary, let everything go without unnecessary intervention, but under the supervision of experienced professionals.

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