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17th week of pregnancy


In the seventeenth week of pregnancy, a woman can for the first time really feel like a future mom. During this period, the fetus is actively developing. The future baby begins to hear sounds coming from outside, distinguishes the voice of his mother. A pregnant woman can start talking to her future child by stroking her belly, reading him fairy tales, letting him listen to classical music.

The fetus during this period gains about 140 grams in weight and adds 13-14 cm in length from the top of the head to the tailbone. The ultrasound can already show the ears, eyes, arms and legs of the future child. Even the sex can already be determined, as a rule. The fetus is about the size of an adult’s palm.

Ultrasound provides an idea not only of the size of the fetus, but also of its heart rhythm and the movement of the future child. If the growth of the fetus is suspended, and the heartbeat is reduced or poorly audible, and the woman begins to experience pulling pains in the lower abdomen and may find a specific discharge from the vagina, you should immediately consult a specialist.

At this term, the first sensations of fetal movement may appear in women who did not feel it in the sixteenth week. There are different descriptions of the movement. Some compare it to the fluttering of a bird, some feel the touch of a feather, some have associations with the fluttering of a butterfly. These movements are still small and infrequent. A woman can be frightened and feel real trepidation from such new sensations.

May give a sense of shortness of breath, increased fatigue, attacks of unexplained weakness. These can worry future mom, so she should walk more, rest more often and try to keep a positive attitude. It is important to remember that you should not stay upright for long periods of time.

The future mother during this period of pregnancy has an increase in weight, a gain of 2.5 to 4 kg. Weight gain depends on several factors: the presence of toxicosis, the physical condition of the woman and the degree of her activity. The uterus during this period actively grows upward, increases in size and even crowds other internal organs, because of which frequent urination may be observed. Weight gain and increase in the total volume of circulating blood often leads to swollen legs and fatigue in the evening. Tired legs are well relieved by baths.

It is harder to sleep on your back and on your side, because sleeping on your back cuts off the blood supply to the vena cava and sleeping on your side compresses the uterus. You should try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs.

In the seventeenth week of pregnancy with twins, it usually becomes clear whether both fetuses will survive and how they are developing. The placenta in this period is already formed, and the fetus itself is already sufficiently protected from external influences.

During this period, a woman should especially carefully observe the diet. Food should be consumed in small portions. Do not overeat, as the baby does not need an additional portion during this period. Meals should be characterized by variety and contain enough vitamins.

After each meal, it is recommended to take a leisurely walk for fifteen minutes. This will prevent heartburn and will be an excellent prevention of possible constipation.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet spicy, salty, fatty. It is useful to take daily portions of raw fruits and vegetables to improve intestinal function. It is necessary to monitor the balance of nutrition and vitamin composition.

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