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25th week of pregnancy


The twenty-fifth week of pregnancy completes the second trimester.

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Features of this period for the fetus

The baby-to-be is actively gaining weight. The weight increases to about 700 grams, and the size of the fetus reaches 30-35 centimeters. If the future mother develops twins, the weight and size of each of the fetuses is usually smaller.

Weight gain in the future child during this period usually prevails over its growth in length. The face of the unborn child becomes almost fully formed. The cheeks are rounded, and his ears are practically in the place where they should be in an adult. The eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes of the eyes are almost completely formed in the fetus. During this period, the nose is practically formed and acquires features similar to those of the parents.

This time period is characterized by an almost complete pattern of respiratory organ formation. The bronchial tree is almost completely created down to the alveoli.

The structure of the brain becomes significantly more complex, and the process of mineralization is actively taking place in the bones.

The fetus in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy does not just have hair. They begin to accumulate pigment, which should determine the hair color of the future child after his birth.

During this period of fetal development, there is a more detailed demonstration of the sex characteristics of the future child. For example, in boys at this time the testicles descend into the scrotum, and in girls the vagina is formed.

Due to its active development and growth, the future baby is becoming more and more cramped in the uterus. The baby may be in the correct position for delivery – head downwards, but this is not obligatory. This position may change many times in one direction or another. With a more dramatic change in the nature of fetal movements during this period may appoint an unscheduled ultrasound, although scheduled ultrasound in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy women, as a rule, do not appoint.

Peculiarities of this period for the expectant mother

Movements and pushes in the abdomen of the expectant mother may become too tangible during this period of time. A pregnant woman can try stroking her belly and even start talking to her future baby.

Normally, the weight of the mother with each week increases by 350 g.

Special attention in this period of time should be paid to the occurrence of some health problems. Some compression of the intestinal vessels and constipation can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids. Swellings may appear on the legs.

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