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13th week of pregnancy


Anxious for the mother of the first trimester has passed, the early toxicosis is over, the psychological background is gradually improving. The 13th week of pregnancy marks the beginning of the second trimester. Before the birth of the child is still a lot of time, so the woman can fully enjoy her condition and quietly observe how the baby grows and develops in her. It is a time of new impressions and sensations.

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Fetal development at 13 weeks

The beginning of the second trimester is the active growth of the baby. By this period, the length of his body is 7 cm, and the baby weighs 25-28 g. This is almost a full-fledged tiny man, whose body parts are gaining proportionality. His head is not so big, because the active growth of other parts of the body begins.

Interesting! The eyes of the child are closer to each other, and the features of the face acquire individuality. Although at this stage of pregnancy, it is not yet possible to understand what your baby looks like.

Changes that occur in the fetus:

  • The heart works at a rhythm of 140 0 170 beats per minute and is able to distill 23 liters of blood.
  • The system of 20 milk teeth is formed, which are still in the gums. The mother needs to be more attentive to her diet and introduce more calcium-containing foods.
  • This is the time for the active development of the digestive system. The pancreas begins to produce insulin, and the gallbladder – bile. The intestines develop villi to process food.
  • The bone system strengthens.
  • The vocal cords are formed.
  • The first signs of ear development appear.
  • In the 13th week, nature makes its adjustments in the appearance of sexual characteristics of the future child. During this period, the prostate gland develops in boys, and in girls the ovaries, there is a laying for the penis or female genitalia.
  • The baby’s skin is still thin and has a red tint because of translucent blood vessels.
  • Muscles develop, the neck is no longer so tightly pressed to the head. The baby’s facial expressions are also complemented – the baby learns to make sucking movements.

In the 13th week of pregnancy, the development of the baby does not bypass the emotional sphere. He can listen to external sounds, moves not so chaotically, better perceives odors and even tastes. During the time a woman carries the baby, he gets used to a certain diet, because he is sensitive to the taste of amniotic fluid. Therefore, it is not recommended to change their eating habits after childbirth mom.

The baby is not yet moving so actively to let the mom feel it. Some women often confuse fetal movements with the processes occurring in the intestines. But the baby begins to grimace more strongly.

Important! During this period, the mother can actively communicate with her child – talk, sing songs, tell stories. Her voice calms the little man.

Mom's well-being at 13 weeks

The second trimester is the best period of pregnancy. It is still far from delivery, hormones have finally fulfilled their function and calmed down, toxicosis has receded. The growing uterus is already changing the contours of the waist, but it is still seen mostly by the woman herself, unless of course she has a multiple pregnancy.

As the uterus rises into the abdominal cavity, the pressure on the intestines increases, which means more frequent constipation, flatulence, shortness of breath, heartburn. The weight of the woman increases, so there may be a feeling of heaviness and fatigue, especially at the end of the day. There may be some back pain and lower abdominal pulling, but this is due to the growing uterus.

Important: There should not be any suspicious vaginal discharge or severe pain. If such symptoms bother a woman, she should see a doctor immediately.

With proper pregnancy management, the first scheduled ultrasound should be done by now. If you have not yet had time to do this, it’s time to remedy the situation. This examination helps to clarify the number of fetuses, exclude developmental anomalies. The doctor finds out the size of the baby, determines the term of pregnancy, the date of delivery.

At the beginning of the second trimester, a woman should avoid stress and take care of her health, pay attention to the diet and physical activity. Otherwise, the 13th week of pregnancy is a period of enjoyment of its state.

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