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14th week of pregnancy


In the 14th week of pregnancy, the emotional background of the woman comes to normal, hormonal storms calm down, and early toxicosis leaves her, even if it is slightly prolonged. The baby is safely protected by the placenta, he grows, receives all the necessary elements for nutrition and develops. During this time, the woman should let the baby feel how much she loves and waits for him, communicating with the baby.

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How does the baby feel?

A little person continues to grow, his development does not stop for a second. His activity increases every day, not only physically, but also mimically. The collection of grimaces is replenished, the child can even smile, although unconsciously.

Interesting! The baby’s face in the 14th week of pregnancy is becoming more and more perfect, and the body is proportional. The ears are already visible, the eyes are in their places, the neck is stretched, the chin is raised.

The baby swims freely, pushes off the walls of the amniotic bubble legs and arms, twirls his head, sucks his finger. It is surrounded by amniotic fluid and a special lubricant that provides protection from injury, wetting and hypothermia.

Changes that occur with the fetus in the 14th week:

  • Height is about 16 centimeters and weight is about 50 grams. The head circumference is 26-28 mm.
  • The musculoskeletal system is rapidly developing, so the baby needs a full supply of calcium, which should be taken care of by the mother, because it is the foundation for the skeleton, muscles and teeth.
  • The surface of the body of the fetus is covered with fine short hairs – lanugo. This fluff keeps the baby’s body lubricated. The hairs disappear before the baby is born, around the 30th week of pregnancy.
  • The diaphragm makes rhythmic movements in preparation for the process of breathing. Learning to breathe, the fetus swallows and brings back amniotic fluid
  • Sweat and salivary glands begin to work.
  • The intestine begins its first work – excretion of bile.
  • The genitalia continue to develop and the urogenital system is already formed.

In the 14th week it is not yet possible to find out the sex of the baby by ultrasound, but it is possible to find out the Rh factor and blood type.

The baby is sensitive to sounds from outside. If the mother sings to him or talks to him affectionately, the baby smiles. His heart beats faster at loud sounds.

How does mom feel?

Mommy’s tummy is already rounded so that it is noticed by others. The woman is gaining weight, about 2-3 kg, but this process must be controlled so that the weight gain is not greatly exceeded. Moms are already so eager to feel the first push, touch the bulging leg or arm, but it will take a long time to get to this point. Very sensitive women can still occasionally feel the movements of the fetus, although very weakly.

The bulging tummy and changes in body weight are reflected in the gait. It is not yet that “duck” pass, as in late terms, but the characteristic heaviness is still visible. A woman in the 14th week should already buy flat shoes, comfortable and soft, so that not tired and swollen feet. The more comfortable shoes will be useful for long walks in the fresh air.

Comfortable should be and clothes. It is worth looking at things made of natural fabrics that do not constrict movement. It is also important to choose the right bra, taking into account the fact that the breast continues to fill and increase in volume, and the nipples become more sensitive.

In the emotional state is almost in order – there is no irritability and mood swings, perhaps only some psychological sensitivity will remain with you until the birth. Constipation, abdominal bloating, shortness of breath and heartburn may replace the debilitating toxicosis.

Need to know! The positive point is that the list of authorized drugs by this period is expanding, so you can cope with unpleasant symptoms. On the other hand, in order not to take risks, it is better to use recipes of home medicine.

It is still important to take care of respiratory diseases. Viruses and infection are no longer as scary to the baby as before, but it is better to do without them. The use of any drugs and even remedies of traditional medicine should be coordinated with the attending physician.

Tip! The 14th week of pregnancy is very important in terms of nutrition. Mom should be more attentive to her diet. Protein is necessary for the growth of the baby. For normal intestinal function, you need to include fermented milk dishes in the menu. It is also important not to forget about vitamin and mineral complexes. But from products that contribute to weight gain, it is better to refuse.

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