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18th week of pregnancy


During this period, fetal growth and development continue apace. The regulatory and endocrine systems are developing, fetal body weight is increasing, and the structures of the cerebral cortex of the future child are becoming more complex. All fetal membranes are thickened, but blood vessels continue to show through them.

The development of the fetal muscles is noted and the fetus begins to move more actively, and its motor efforts become clearer and more directed. The future child is now able to rest its limbs on the uterine wall and gradually “explores” its surroundings. The pregnant woman begins to feel the first tremors of the fetus. The length of the body of the future child during this period of time reaches 22-25 centimeters.

The future child begins to hear and distinguish sounds more clearly, but too loud sounds can frighten him. It is recommended to sing songs to the future baby, share your news with him, and listen to classical music together. It is important that with the future baby sometimes talked to the future father, and then his voice will be familiar to him. The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid volume of about 500 ml, its renewal occurs approximately every three hours.

During this period, a pregnant woman’s appetite usually increases. The craving for food becomes very specific. In order not to gain excess weight too quickly, it is important to strive to take food containing more nutrients. And now due to the increase in volume, a woman may need looser and more comfortable clothing. More time should be allocated for walking.

A pregnant woman’s cardiovascular system is undergoing changes and her blood pressure is likely to be lower than usual. Do not rise too quickly from a lying or sitting position, as dizziness may occur.

If you do an ultrasound at this term, sometimes you can see how the future baby moves inside the uterus, and sometimes even how he, for example, places the thumb of the hand to his mouth.

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