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22nd week of pregnancy


The most characteristic sign of the twenty-second week of pregnancy is the significant development of the cardiovascular system in the fetus and a marked increase in its heart muscle.

By this time, the heart has already formed as a separate organ, which began three weeks earlier, and during this period it is already working autonomously.

The hemodynamic parameters of the fetus are becoming more and more tangible and stable, which can already be determined, for example, in the form of a certain value of cardiovascular contractions, which can be recorded quite accurately in the future child.

The main phenomena occurring during this period with the fetus are as follows

The central nervous system of the fetus develops and improves no less actively during the twenty-second week of pregnancy.

By this time, the brain of the future child becomes so developed that it has an almost complete set of formed and developed nerve cells, neurons, which will accompany him throughout his subsequent life.

After that, the period of brain mass growth begins, which occurs synchronously with the growth and increase of the fetus itself.

The development of the nervous system by this time is generally so significant that the future child begins to touch its face, abdomen, and limbs. Sometimes it can be observed that the future child has a finger in its mouth and its jaws start to move as if the fetus is sucking its finger.

A significant feature of this period of fetal development is that the bones of the entire body are significantly strengthened and developed in the unborn child. The fetus’s spine is finally formed during this period.

For the twenty-second week of pregnancy is characterized by the fact that the proportions of the fetal body by this period begins to approach the proportions of a person, in connection with which the head of the future child becomes not so huge as it was before and is approaching in a proportional sense to the size of the torso.

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