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16th week of pregnancy


The sixteenth week of pregnancy primarily marks a new stage of pregnancy – the beginning of the second trimester.

At this time, the fetus is developing intensively, forming and improving its muscular system. First of all, it is noticeable by the movements of the future child’s face. The fetus begins to move its arms and legs more actively. The nails grow on the hands. The body becomes more elongated along its entire length, there is a significant development of the bones of the limbs of the future child.

At the beginning of the second trimester, the future mother, as a rule, almost no problems with aversion to food or some products, after eating it stops vomiting, which could be observed in the first weeks of pregnancy. During this period, she almost completely lacks toxicosis and she returns to her appetite. She can indulge in her favorite treats. Still, you should limit yourself in the use of flour, sweets, salty and smoked.

During this period, a pregnant woman should be wary of foods that have not been sufficiently heat-treated. An example would be rolls made from raw fish. Such foods are often a source of food infections that women should beware of for the safety of themselves and the unborn baby. Treatment of such infections, if contracted, can harm both and cause undesirable consequences. During this period, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist for advice on the diet of the future mother. Sometimes a woman in the sixteenth week of pregnancy completely loses her appetite. Then it is necessary to select for her a diet that fully covers the needs of both organisms. The specialist will develop nutritional recommendations taking into account the woman’s condition and her food preferences.

In the sixteenth week of pregnancy, there may be changes in abdominal sensations, most noticeable to the mother-to-be during sleep. Even if the abdomen is not yet so rounded, from the beginning of this period, it is not recommended for the pregnant woman to sleep on her back or on her stomach. Sleeping on the back causes discomfort in the abdomen, because its increase in this period, as a rule, becomes not only more visible visually, but also adds about three additional kilograms to the weight of the woman. Continuing to sleep on her back, a woman can not fully relax and rest during sleep.

For a more comfortable sleep, it is recommended to lie on the right side, slightly tucking the legs. This position allows you to relax during sleep, and the fetus in this position of the future mother takes a more comfortable position.

During the sixteenth week of pregnancy, a woman’s breasts continue to enlarge and grow. It is very important to pay attention to the choice of more comfortable clothes, so that they do not squeeze and do not pull the nipples of the mammary glands. You can switch to the use of special underwear for nursing moms.

Very often this period can be accompanied by vaginal discharge. Brown-colored discharge or discharge containing blood can be a serious warning of a possible disease or complication of pregnancy that requires qualified intervention. If the discharge has an unusual odor or color, it may be a sign of infection, therefore, in the presence of the above signs is extremely important urgent consultation with a specialist.

The fetus begins to move and does it even when the future mother does not feel it. For this week is characterized by the appearance of fetal movements in women who are pregnant for more than the first time. This is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations. But in the first pregnancy, more or less significant sensations of fetal movements in the abdomen occur only after the eighteenth week.

Ultrasound and other tests in the sixteenth week are prescribed if they have not been done before. Usually if a woman develops twins, ultrasound at this time already gives such information. But the sex of the future child is still extremely difficult to determine, although the most important questions ultrasound can already answer.

The size of the fetus in the sixteenth week of pregnancy from 31 to 37 mm, and the weight reaches 200 grams. In this period, it is not yet possible to completely exclude possible pathologies by external signs. The future child in this period already has fingernails, develop limb bones, formalize the genitourinary system and intestines. It is recommended to pay attention to proper nutrition, to exclude the possibility of infection should choose comfortable clothes and underwear, excluding damage to the nipples. With changes in well-being and alarming signs should be urgently consult a specialist. This is important for a comfortable course of the next periods of pregnancy.

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