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32nd week of pregnancy


The signs that the baby is about to be born are already evident in the 32nd week of pregnancy. At this time, the baby is in the birthing position, usually head down, but there are other positions. Mom and baby have most of the pre-birth journey behind them. The woman feels a strong bond with her baby at this time.

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Child development and growth

Almost all systems and organs are formed, the further task of the small organism is to get stronger and continue to grow. At the 32nd week of pregnancy, the fetus weighs 1600 – 1900 g, and its length reaches about 40 – 45 cm. If the mother expects twins, their growth will be slightly less – about 35 – 38 cm, and the weight of each fetus is less than one and a half kg.

Interesting! The size of each newborn is individualized. Their growth and weight depends on several factors: the parameters of the parents, nutrition and diet of the mother throughout pregnancy.

At this term, the fetus is already becoming a real human being, with proportional body parts and facial features. He even appears chubby cheeks. The skin lightens, becomes elastic, the number of folds and wrinkles decreases. There are other changes in the development of the baby:

  • As the fat layer is formed and protects the fetus well, there is no need for downy hairs, they fall out.
  • The volume of the brain is 75% of the adult brain. But the size of the head is still predominant in relation to the whole body. The baby’s brain is still developing. And because of its parameters, the baby can move into a position with its head toward the exit of the uterus in preparation for birth.
  • The most active work in the 32nd week is the immune system. It produces antibodies, which will serve as a reliable defense for the little man immediately after his birth.
  • The bones of the whole body are strengthened, but the bones of the skull are more plastic, as the child will have a difficult road through the birth canal.
  • The kidneys and liver are fully functioning and are able to eliminate harmful elements from the body.

The baby not only hears sounds and feels the mood of the mother, but also analyzes what is happening, expressing his opinion by pushing. He becomes cramped in such a previously cozy space, so the movements become more tangible for the mother. During an hour, the fetus changes its position about 5 to 6 times.

Important: If the baby has not turned its head downwards, the doctor will definitely see this on the ultrasound and give recommendations. Special exercises, which a woman should do every day, will help the baby to take the correct position, which is the most optimal for labor.

Feelings and well-being of the mom

By the 32nd week of pregnancy, a woman’s figure changes dramatically. The protruding belly presses on the diaphragm, so the mother experiences back pain, heartburn and shortness of breath. By this time, a woman can gain about 10 kg, but the increase in body weight depends on BMI.

It is important to keep track of your weight and control your kilograms. A woman should gain no more than 500 grams per week. Therefore, her diet should include all foods necessary for the growth of the baby and her body, but nothing excessive.

Many moms suffer from swelling, fatigue and heaviness in the legs. Varicosis is also not uncommon during this period. It is necessary to control the drinking regime. Special elastic stockings will help to cope with the problem. During the day, a woman should rest, putting her legs on an elevated position.

There is such a thing as “training contractions”. At this time, the abdomen stiffens and the uterus is toned. This phenomenon is short-lived, you should not be frightened. Thus, the mother’s body is preparing for future labor. But if there are severe prolonged pain, cramps and / or amniotic fluid comes out, you should immediately call an ambulance. This means that the labor process has started early.

The baby’s movements become more active and sensitive. If the mother is calm, the baby does not disturb her too much. When a woman is irritable and nervous, the baby feels it and reacts to her mood.

Tests and examinations

Scheduled ultrasound, the third ultrasound, falls exactly on the 32nd week of pregnancy. At this term, visits to the doctor should be at least once every 2 weeks. The doctor’s examination includes the following:

  • Determination of the baby’s heartbeat, its weight;
  • Measurement of BP and body weight of the mom;
  • Determining the tone of the uterus;
  • Measuring the volume of the woman’s abdomen;

With the help of ultrasound, the doctor finds out what position the baby is in. According to special formulas, he finds out the circumference of the head, abdomen and chest of the baby, the length of the hips. On ultrasound diagnosis, the doctor determines the correctness of fetal development and states the absence of genetic abnormalities. The doctor also finds out whether the amount of amniotic fluid, uterine tone and the degree of maturation of the placenta are normal.

Important: In case of any deviations from the norm, the woman will be offered hospitalization. In order not to risk the health of yourself and your baby, the doctor’s recommendations must be followed thoroughly.

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