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10th week of pregnancy


The tenth week of pregnancy is the beginning of the rapid growth of the baby. He, like a real fairy-tale child, grows not by the day, but by the hour. After all, at the beginning of the week the growth of the crumb was only 15-20 millimeters, and at the end – his growth will be up to 40 millimeters, and the weight of about 5 grams.

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Peculiarities of the baby's development during this period

At this rate of growth, it is natural for a number of physical changes to occur with the baby, namely:

  • the proportions of the arms, legs and neck become clearly defined;
  • the facial structure changes;
  • the baby’s eyes are still covered by transparent eyelids and this will continue for 5 months;
  • the nose is more clearly drawn and the outer ear is formed.

Expressed changes occur with the organs and systems of the small organism. The nervous system continues to develop, the cerebral cortex is formed, as well as the circulatory system.

Serious transformations occur in the digestive system:

  • taste buds have formed on the tongue, just a little more – and the baby will be able to taste everything;
  • the mouth and stomach are not yet connected by the esophagus, but it is already beginning to form.

Don’t worry, your baby is not hungry, he is feeling fine. All the substances necessary for growth and development he receives through the umbilical cord, and it is directly connected to the placenta and through the bloodstream saturates the small growing body with everything necessary. During this period, the sexual system also begins to work actively. Begin to form hair follicles on the head and continue to form the rudiments of teeth.

The baby is actively moving, but this is still not perceptible to the mother. The baby is still tiny, although it has grown considerably, and it is comfortable in the large amount of amniotic fluid.

Physiological and psychological changes of the expectant mother

The tenth week of pregnancy is characterized by changes not only in the baby’s body, but also in the body of the future mother, which leads to breast enlargement and changes in proportions. There comes a period when your position becomes slowly known to everyone. It’s time to say goodbye to tight clothes, which are no longer suitable in size, and get a set of clothes of free cut, so that your tummy is not squeezed, and the clothes were comfortable, do not interfere with normal blood circulation and do not hamper movements.

If we talk about your psychological state, the problems of the previous weeks do not disappear. You are still vulnerable, sentimental and tearful. You get tired very quickly, you may become absent-minded and face headaches. But you should not think about it, because everything will pass after the birth of the long-awaited baby.

The appearance of age spots may not be too pleasant. Don’t worry, they will disappear at the end of pregnancy. For now, the only solution is to use sunscreen and stay in the sun not too long, so as not to provoke pigmentation.

Recommendations for pregnant women in week 10

As one very famous character used to say, “Calm, only calm!” – because it is emotional instability that tires you out. Stress in pregnant women can be from lack of sleep, and from the inability to eat normally with toxemia, and from anxiety and worries. If your condition takes a protracted character, you must learn to cope with it, so as not to harm the baby. After all, it negatively affects the functioning of many body systems.

So what are the more effective ways to deal with stress? Always remember that pregnancy is not a disease, but a condition. Move more, walk, do not forget about exercise. Of course, taking into account the peculiarities of your position.

Do not close yourself off to your problems, fears and worries, but talk to your family, relatives and friends about everything that worries you, their moral support will help to release your emotional tension.

Do something fascinating and pleasant, find yourself in a new hobby or in creativity. Learn new things, develop and do not be sad, because you are beautiful in your new role of motherhood.

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