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34th week of pregnancy


In the 34th week of pregnancy, the eighth month is coming to an end, which means that there is less and less time left before the birth. Mom is actively engaged in preparing for the arrival of a new person in the family – buys tiny onesies and halters, diapers, cradle and other necessary things. Most parents already know the sex of the baby and have even decided on a name.

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How's the baby growing up?

Almost all systems of the fetus are formed and it is ready for life outside the mother’s body. The 34th week of pregnancy is characterized by the following processes in the development of the baby:

  • The respiratory system is ready for the first breath.
  • The baby’s body weight is 2 – 2.5 kg, and the growth reaches 45 cm. If the weight of the fetus is greater, the woman is prescribed a special diet to control the weight.
  • Approaches the final stage of the formation of the nervous system.
  • Lanugo – the primary pubescence and lubrication – disappears, replaced by subcutaneous fat.
  • Adrenal glands work, the function of which is directly related to the lactation of a woman. During this period, the baby’s concentration of the hormone responsible for breastfeeding is 10 times higher than that of an adult.
  • The baby often sucks his finger, developing a sucking reflex for his own nutrition after birth.
  • The digestive system is also constantly exercised – the baby swallows amniotic fluid.
  • The kidneys excrete urine, the liver is engaged in its hematopoiesis and purification functions.
  • The endocrine system is actively producing hormones.
  • The skin is smoothed and acquires a natural shade.
  • As the CTG shows, the fetal heartbeat is 110 to 160 beats per minute.

The bone and muscular system is also strengthened, taking from the mother’s body all the reserves of calcium. Therefore, a woman should consume more foods containing this element and vitamin complexes.

Important! In the 34th week of pregnancy, the activity of the baby may slightly decrease. But this is in no way related to its development. Just a growing body has little room for free movement. But if there are no shocks for a long time, this is a good reason to consult a doctor.

What's going on in the mom's body?

The less time is left before delivery, the more anxious a woman becomes. This is normal, but if all examinations have been completed and the results are satisfactory for the term, there is no reason to worry.

Mom’s tummy is already so large that it is difficult for her to stand up and sit down, move around because of the displaced center of gravity. It rises 15 cm above the navel and 35 cm above the pubic bone. The breasts increase in volume, and from the nipples can already secrete milk, although not necessarily.

The woman’s body is intensively preparing for childbirth, pain in the sacrum, pelvis, lower back – a normal phenomenon. But the nature of the pain must be monitored in order not to miss the precursor of premature labor.

Important: From the 34th week of pregnancy, you should see a doctor every 10 days. In this way, the woman can feel more relaxed – her and the baby’s condition is under the doctor’s reliable control.

Swelling and tiredness of the legs may even increase. There is nothing dangerous in this, because the body weight of both mom and baby is increasing. During the day, you need to give your legs a rest by placing them on an elevated position. Insomnia also often causes discomfort. This is usually due to the fact that the sleep schedule of the woman and the baby does not coincide. Often the child wants to play exactly when the mother goes to bed. If he often hiccups, also do not worry – so the fetus is preparing for the ability to breathe and eat independently.

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby feels everything, already shows its character, and it can be understood. He can express in the form of thrusts discontent with disliked food or loud sounds. Also well feels the mood of the mother. Therefore, a woman should get away from stress, keep peace. Excellent mood of the mother is reflected in the child’s behavior.

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