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35th week of pregnancy


The 35th week of pregnancy is the beginning of the last 9 months. Very few days are left until the moment when the mother will be able to hold and cuddle the baby. The baby also wants to see the world as soon as possible. There may be different variants of events, so a woman should have an exchange card with her when leaving the house.

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How does the fetus behave at 35 weeks?

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is a unique human being, with its own facial features, patterns on the pads of the fingers and even character. He gains weight very quickly – up to 2.5 kg, and the height – up to 47 cm. Your baby is already big! He is already cramped in the familiar space of the uterus, so every movement of the mother feels very clearly. The baby moves less, but only because it does not have enough space.

Important! If the baby moves too often or the mother does not feel his movements, then the baby is experiencing difficulties. This is a reason to consult a doctor.

For the development of the fetus in the 35th week is characterized by the following signs:

  • Systems are formed: the liver and kidneys function, the adrenal glands produce hormones, the pancreas produces insulin, the endocrine and immune system work.
  • Accumulates fatty tissue, strengthen muscles and bones.
  • The small heart works actively in conjunction with the vascular system.
  • The marigolds on the fingers are formed, the ears acquire outlines and do not fit tightly to the skull.
  • The skin becomes denser and more elastic, acquires a natural shade. Vessels do not show through it as before.
  • The mineral and water-salt balance is regulated.

Some babies may develop hair. The baby at this stage already looks quite chubby, with rounded shoulders and cheeks. He can distinguish sounds, smells and tastes well, knows when it is dark or light outside. The baby perfectly feels the mood of mom and her well-being.

Interesting! The fetus has enough surfactant in its lungs and is able to breathe on its own. Sometimes the baby is so crowded in the womb that he prefers to come into the world earlier. There is nothing terrible in this. As practice shows, such babies are safely born and in the future do not lag behind in development from their peers.

Mom's feelings and well-being

The size of the uterus is so large that the enlarged abdomen squeezes the lungs. This causes shortness of breath, which can be very severe. The mother’s body continues to produce hormones intensively, for her the changes are not yet complete. In this regard, the woman may experience the following problems:

  • Sleep and mood problems. The mom is anxious about childbirth. In addition, her rhythm often does not coincide with the baby’s intentions. As soon as a woman is going to sleep, the baby wants to give a hint of himself. And his activity is not conducive to a restful sleep. Therefore, the mother should use any moment to fully rest.
  • Because of the large weight and large belly, it is difficult to move around. Long walks are no longer available, and to go far from home at this term is not recommended. But completely refuse to walk and physical activity is not worth it.
  • Many women are concerned about stretch marks. It can be located on the abdomen and chest, even on the inside of the thighs. The best way to combat stretch marks is prevention. It is necessary to consult with a doctor in advance about wearing a bandage and the use of anti-stretch marks.
  • Often mom is bothered by heartburn. From fried, smoked, salty, sour is better to refuse. Dishes should be steamed, eat small portions and more often.
  • Swelling is associated not only with increased strain, but also with improper fluid intake. Drinking regimen is important to control according to the doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Heaviness in the legs and fatigue can be removed by putting them on an elevated position.

In the 35th week of pregnancy, a woman may experience discharge. If they do not have a specific odor and are transparent, this is normal. If there are blood streaks or clots in the discharge, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Important! At this term appoint another scheduled ultrasound. The doctor must make sure that the degree of maturity of the placenta corresponds to the term, and it functions normally.

The ultrasound scan also helps to determine whether the fetal weight corresponds to the gestational age. The doctor listens to the baby’s heartbeat and confirms that there are no abnormalities in its development. During the examination, the breech position of the baby is finally determined. According to the results, the method of delivery is determined – natural or caesarean section.

Despite a number of difficulties, the mother can enjoy her position. After all, she has already established a close bond with the child and has no reason to worry about his development. He knows whom he is expecting – a girl, a boy or several babies at once. The woman prepares everything she will need for her soon-to-be-born baby.

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