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11th week of pregnancy


The eleventh week is counted by obstetricians from the beginning of the last menstruation. But if you count the fetal period, it will be 9 weeks. During this period, there is an active development of the fetus and the first signs of the difference between boys and girls appear. The 11th week of pregnancy is a number of important changes in the physiology of the baby. The mother also changes both psychologically and physically – she becomes calmer, more confident. She almost always disappears early toxicosis, but the consumption of internal resources for the growth of the child can still cause some weakness.

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Fetal development and changes

The body of the tiny human is almost formed, even the unique pattern on the fingers has appeared. Its length reaches about 5 cm, it weighs about 8 g, that is, the size of the fetus can be compared with the thumb of the mother’s hand.

Interesting! The baby is not yet very well-proportioned – he has a large head, thin and long limbs.

It is at week 11 that the embryo turns into a fetus. The developmental changes are many:

  • The final stage of eye formation: the iris acquires color (which can later change), eyebrows and cilia are already visible.
  • Wide-set eyes stand out strongly on a small face. They are covered with eyelids, will open not soon.
  • The baby can turn his head, he develops a brain. The pituitary gland begins to produce hormones.
  • Since the brain is responsible for the ability to move, the baby, touching the wall of the uterus, can push away from it with a leg. He changes his position, but not yet very quickly and often. Grasping movements of the fingers appear.
  • Also with the development of the brain appears olfaction, the child is able to distinguish odors.
  • The heart is formed – it contracts at an average rate of 140 beats/min. Four chambers are already formed, and the heart is able to supply blood to other organs.
  • The production of red blood cells – red blood cells begins.
  • There are active processes and in the digestive and excretory system: the first attempts at intestinal peristalsis, the kidneys release urine into the amniotic fluid, the liver increases in volume and performs its function of hematopoiesis.
  • The respiratory and vascular system is formed, oxygen is supplied to the organs.
  • The bone system is in its infancy, while in the form of cartilage, but the base for milk teeth already appears in the gums.
  • External signs of sexual difference are still absent, but girls form ovaries, and boys – testicles in the abdomen.
  • The diaphragm separates the abdominal and thoracic cavity. The baby even occasionally hiccups, but very weakly, so the mother does not yet feel it.

The baby’s skin is transparent and thin, through it you can see the vascular network. In the 11th week, the vocal cords are formed, but the first cry is still very far away….

Mommy's well-being and changes in her body

Important! In the 11th week of pregnancy, abdominal soreness is a common phenomenon associated with uterine tone, but the pain should be moderate and short-term. Vaginal discharge may also be present, but small, transparent, odorless. Otherwise, consultation and assistance of a gynecologist is a necessary measure.

The most important thing is that toxicosis and all the signs associated with it (weakness, nausea, odor aversion) gradually disappear. Sharp mood swings leave the woman, she becomes calmer, more peaceful.

Mammary glands increase in volume, but their sharp sensitivity and soreness decreases. Nipples increase in circumference and often change their color to a darker one. Since the woman’s body with all its potential is preparing for breastfeeding, a couple of drops of clear liquid may appear from the nipples, which in no case can not be squeezed out.

A woman at this term decides to reconsider her closet, because in the usual tight jeans and tight skirts she is no longer comfortable because of the enlarged uterus. In addition, problems with constipation (constipation) also contribute to the enlargement of the abdomen. Hemorrhoidal nodes are formed due to constipation. But the uterus does not put as much pressure on the bladder, so the number of daily urinations is reduced.

Nutrition and lifestyle of the expectant mother

Pregnancy in the 11th week is often accompanied by heartburn. This is due to the fact that the growing fetus squeezes the internal organs. To get rid of unpleasant sensations will help dairy dishes, boiled vegetables and baked fruit.

Overweight is harmful not only to the future mom, but also to the baby. The diet should include products with a certain content of proteins, carbohydrates, fats. Caloric content of food is better to calculate on the table, so as not to gain excess pounds.

Important! If the future mother by the 11th week has not yet become registered, it is the right time to do it. At this term, the first scheduled ultrasound is carried out, which helps to determine the exact term of pregnancy, clarify the number of fetuses and identify possible abnormalities in the development of the baby.

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