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15th week of pregnancy


As the baby grows, mom’s tummy gets bigger. In the 15th week of pregnancy, the fetus continues to develop, its systems and organs are forming. Its movements become more active and orderly. Mom blossoms, is filled with inner radiance, surprises with a special beauty. She is already drawing an image of her future son or daughter.

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New changes in fetal development

The baby is actively moving, protected by amniotic fluid. He has grown considerably and feels comfortable in his mother’s tummy. He is warm and cozy, nourished and satisfied. The size of the baby from the head to the tailbone exceeds 10 cm, and he weighs about 70 g.

Interesting! In the 15th week of pregnancy, the legs are stretched out and the whole body becomes more proportional. The process of forming the ear shells is almost complete.

Processes in the development of the baby:

  • The bone system is forming. Bones replace cartilage and become denser and stronger. There is an intensive intake of calcium. Mom should remember this and provide this trace element not only for herself, but also for the baby.
  • Salivary and sweat glands continue to develop and work.
  • Appear hair follicles on the body.
  • The brain is actively formed, on it appear grooves, which will soon be replaced by twists.
  • The skin is still thin and red, as through it shine through the lines of blood vessels, but it is not so transparent.
  • More nerve cells appear every day. The baby can hear, touch and feel better. His movements become coordinated.
  • The baby continues to develop the respiratory system, muscles, and intestines.

Amniotic waters, into which the baby’s kidneys excrete urine, are sterile and are renewed at least 10 times a day. Their volume reaches 100 ml and their temperature is about 370C. Everything you need for the comfort of a little person.

Interesting! The sexual system also develops rapidly, but in different ways. In the 15th week of pregnancy, boys begin to produce testosterone.

Mommy's feeling and sensation

A woman is emotionally reconsidering many of her attitudes. She is preparing for the fact that soon there will be a new family member, so many habits and attitudes will have to be changed. The mother may be somewhat absent-minded, but this is due to the fact that all her thoughts are occupied with the future birth and the baby.

If you sometimes feel dizzy and your heart is working with overload, you should not be frightened. Such sensations are caused by the fact that a woman in the 15th week of pregnancy has 15% more blood in the body. But in case of frequent ailments, consulting a doctor is the right decision.

Cramps and tired legs are most often associated with a lack of potassium and calcium in the body, so this is a signal that the diet should be revised. Also, you should wisely choose dishes for the menu, if there is still flatulence, heartburn, constipation.

Important! Mom should remember that everything she eats, evaluates her child. Some dishes he tastes, and others may not like at all. And when a woman includes in her menu seemingly incomparable products (for example, condensed milk with kippers), it is likely that the baby is experimenting with different tastes.

In the 15th week, a triple test is performed, which allows you to exclude developmental anomalies and genetic pathologies. This is a blood test for hCG, AFP and free estriol, which is synthesized by the placenta.

During this period, a woman should not experience any painful sensations. A small pulling pain in the lower abdomen and discomfort in the spine are associated with the growing uterus, there is nothing wrong with it. But if the soreness increases, suspicious discharge, high temperature or other symptoms that threaten the baby and the mother – immediately see a doctor!

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