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Monday: 8am-6pm
Tuesday: 8am-8pm
Wednesday: 8am-6pm
Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-3pm


1505 East 4th Street,
Charlotte, NC 28204


Charlotte Women’s Clinic

Charlotte Women’s Clinic provides compassionate support to women and families in our community affected by unplanned pregnancy.

We are a non-profit care clinic providing free medical services and accurate information on all options regarding unplanned pregnancy.

The Charlotte Women’s Clinic is a leading medical facility dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized healthcare services for women in Charlotte and its surrounding areas. With a strong commitment to women’s health, the clinic offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of women across all stages of life.

The clinic is staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals, including board-certified gynecologists, obstetricians, nurses, and support staff. These experts work collaboratively to ensure that each patient receives personalized care and attention in a compassionate and supportive environment.

One of the primary focuses of the Charlotte Women’s Clinic is reproductive health. They provide a full spectrum of gynecological services, including routine check-ups, preventive care, contraception counseling, and treatment for various gynecological conditions. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and utilizes the latest medical advancements to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

In addition to gynecological care, the clinic offers comprehensive obstetric services to support women throughout their pregnancy journey. From prenatal care to labor and delivery, the dedicated obstetricians and staff provide guidance, monitoring, and care to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

The Charlotte Women’s Clinic also places a strong emphasis on wellness and offers various programs and services to promote overall well-being. These may include nutrition counseling, menopause management, sexual health counseling, and mental health support. The clinic recognizes that women’s health is multifaceted and aims to address all aspects to optimize their patients’ overall quality of life.

With a patient-centered approach, the Charlotte Women’s Clinic strives to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where patients feel comfortable discussing their concerns openly. They prioritize clear communication, patient education, and shared decision-making to empower women to make informed choices about their health.

Overall, the Charlotte Women’s Clinic is a trusted healthcare provider, known for its commitment to excellence in women’s health. Whether women seek routine care, specialized treatment, or guidance during pregnancy, they can expect to receive comprehensive and compassionate care from a dedicated team of professionals at this esteemed clinic.

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